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Working from Home


The Communications Committee shall be responsible for developing semi-annual newsletters and more frequent notices of meetings, events and important issues and dissemination of such via electronic and/or paper means to the members of HVNA.  This committee shall also maintain HVNA’s presence on social media. JOIN >

Collecting Donations


The Events and Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for planning all social and other special events for the organization as well as planning fundraising activities should the need arise.  This committee is responsible for preparing and providing event plans and budgets, including income/expense projections to the Finance Committee prior to presentation and approval of the Board for completeness and accuracy. JOIN >

Experts Panel


The Governmental Liaison Committee shall monitor governmental activities which might impact the general welfare of the HVNA, including land use and zoning, infrastructure improvements, and property maintenance code changes.  This committee shall work with officials of the City of Savannah and Chatham County and other groups within the community to identify needs and concerns for the improvement of the quality of life for the residents of the organization. JOIN >

Outdoor Family Day


The Membership & Welcome Committee shall develop and manage the organizations’ database which shall include the names, addresses and contact information for all members.  In addition, this committee shall be responsible for welcoming and providing information about the organization to new members. JOIN >

Men with Calculator


The Finance Committee, under the direction of the Treasurer, shall assist in the development of an annual budget based on the Board of Directors’ input, short and long-term goals, event plans and regular recurring expenses of the Corporation.  The Committee shall assist in the preparation of the annual report, review of event plans/budgets and accompanying income/expense projections, develop formal financial policies for the Board of Directors’ review and approval, and other duties as assigned. JOIN >

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Top View of People Walking


The Public Safety Committee shall be responsible for coordination with the Savannah Police Department, the residents’ Neighborhood Watch programs, and any neighborhood email or social media alert systems which the organization chooses to utilize. JOIN >

The Neighborhood Improvement Committee shall be responsible for planning activities and/or events which shall improve the livability of our community, including such things as neighborhood cleanup and beautification activities.  This committee shall also provide input to the Board of Directors on needed infrastructure improvements and maintenance issues which may then be communicated to the appropriate city officials. JOIN >


General Membership Meetings

A General Membership meetings shall be held, at a minimum, once each calendar year at a time, date and location established by the Board of Directors at its first Board meeting of each calendar year.  The members of the HVNA shall be notified in writing once the annual calendar of meetings has been established. 


Policy decisions at General Membership meetings shall require the majority approval of those members in good standing present and voting.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the General Membership may be called by the President whenever he or she deems it to be in the best interest of the HVNA to do so or when otherwise required by other provisions of these Bylaws.  Notice of special meetings will be furnished to the general membership as promptly as circumstances allow.

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet at the pleasure of the President, but in no event less frequently than eight (8)  six (6) times annually, including the General Membership meetings.  The schedule of said meetings shall be established at the first Board meeting of each year and shall be communicated to the General Membership.  At all meetings of the entire Board of Directors, a quorum shall consist of seven members.

Absentee Voting or Voting by Proxy Prohibited

There shall be no absentee voting or voting by proxy at any regular or special meeting of the HVNA.

Conduct of Meetings

The HVNA shall rely upon Robert’s Rules of Order (most current edition), with specific rules for small boards for conduct of meetings.

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